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Residue Number Systems: Algorithms And Architectures kindle free ebook review

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Residue Number Systems: Algorithms And Architectures

Postby misa544 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 5:48 pm

Residue Number Systems: Algorithms and Architectures By P.V. Ananda Mohan
2002 | 253 Pages | ISBN: 1461353432 | PDF | 6 MB

This text is an excellent reference for both professional and academic researchers in the field of VLSI using residue number systems. It is also of interest to those working in the general fields of VLSI design, DSP design, and cryptography.

Topics covered include choice of moduli; architectures for conversion from binary to RNS; RNS to binary conversion techniques; quadratic RNS; and applications. Numerous examples illustrate the ideas developed. The area and computational requirements are highlighted for all designs, so the selection of a particular architecture is facilitated. Some of the topics covered have application in cryptography. The book includes a comprehensive bibliography in this area.
Residue Number Systems: Algorithms and Architectures is also suitable for a graduate-level course as part of a VLSI curriculum.

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